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Picons Complete - All our icons in one bundle

All our icons in one big bundle. 2840 icons.

Included: Thin (1+2), Basic (1+2+3), BasiColor, Font and Weather

Save more than 40% and get all the amazing icons and free lifetime upgrades of the including icon sets. All the icons you will ever need to make your website, application, presentation or print media look perfect.

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Picons Thin
Picons Thin

Picons Thin is including 1720 icons. Our best-selling icon collection, just got better. Brand new icons, super slick, modern & elegant icons. Consistent thin lines.
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Picons Basic
Picons Basic

Picons Basic is including 660 icons. Our first icon set, originally designed in 2009, has became a must-have for thousands of designers & developers around the world.
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Picons BasiColor

Including 274 icons. Colorful & trendy icon pack for your next project. Perfect for Websites, Web apps, iOS and Android.
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Picons Weather

Picons Weather is including 60 icons. Our most colorful collection, expressing all kinds of weather conditions, available in color and b&w.
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Picons Social

Picons Social is including 150 icons. With over 350,000 downloads, it is one of the most popular icon sets out there. And it is Free.
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What makes one of the most popular icon collections?

Simple, but still focused on every detail

Picons are hand-crafted, carefully hand-picked icons, driven to the last detail. We choose always quality over quantity. It's the simplicity, that makes Picons beautiful. And that's why our icons are a must-have for thousands of designers and developers around the world.


Based on grids, all icons within a collection share a consistent visual language. Using same thickness, rounds and style. Picons are the best choice when you demand 100% consistent visuals.

Each icon is well thought, unique and is carrying a meaningful metaphor.

Instant Download after purchase. 100% secure payment.

Your financial security is our highest priority. Icons can be purchased over PayPal, the world leading online payment processor, that allows you to pay with your favorite credit or debit card like MasterCard, Visa, American Express and others. No credit card or bank details are given to us. And no PayPal account is required.

Easy to use, all formats included

All icon sets are vectorized and scalable to any desired size. The included files are fully compatible with your favorite graphics software. Change the color, size, orientation and even shape of each icon in seconds. For those not familiar with graphic software, each icon is included as a transparent image (PNG) as well.
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