The author of this blog is Gasper Vidovic, senior graphic designer from Slovenia, Europe, and founder of Morphix Design Studio.

I started to design in 1999. Over years of working with different agencies and start-ups as freelance designer, I became an expert in graphic design, user interface concepts and user experience. I created uncounted websites, corporate identities, banners, offline materials, ads & apps.

In 2003 I found a new field of interest – law and began to study at the Faculty of Law at University of Maribor, Slovenia. I graduated in 2009 with the thesis title “Technological measures for protecting works of authors in the digital environment” and got my Bachelor of Laws degree. In 2013 I also passed the state law exam. I was working as a Judge Trainee on the Higher Court for two years and then 2 years as a Higher Legal Expert at the District Court.

But, as Confucius once said: choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. So, over a period of doing both law and graphic design, I focused again on my career as a designer.

The story behind Picons.me

It started in 2009 as a free-time project, when I tried to create a small collection of essential vector icons, which might be useful for other designers. The name Picons is a blend of the words P(ictograms) and icons.

Picons became highly successful and is today offering a wide range of premium vector icons for customers around the world. Picons is known for precisely hand-crafted, unique and highly recognizable icon sets for a wide range of users: from graphic designers to developers. It’s the simplicity that makes the icons beautiful and easy to remember.


84Posters are high quality inspirational prints, illustrated by Gasper Vidovic. It started in 2013 as a free-time project, when I was decorating my new apartment. I created a collection of wall prints, that were illustrated using a Wacom tablet.

We sell our prints on Etsy.

Btw: Our friends at Iconfinder did an interview with me.