Custom Icon System for Sephora

The friendly people at Sephora reached out to craft some custom icons. Sephora is the leader in personal care and beauty products retail, with 2,700 physical stores in 35 countries worldwide.

Picture courtesy of Sephora

We started with tap bar navigation icons for the mobile app…

Sephora custom icons by Picons

and experimented with mobile app icons and other graphics.

Sephora custom icons by Picons

The collaboration has been very successful and over the last 2 years, we created a comprehensive icon system for their online presence.

With more than 200 icons (and counting), the new icon system quickly became a valuable corporate asset.

Sephora custom icons by Picons

We took a super sleek and simple solution for the icon system – outlined icons, consistent line weight and curved edges. The icons reflect a friendly visual voice, just like Sephora, and the Picons Thin icon collection.

You can find the icons across the Sephora website.