Licence agreements

Regular Licences

Regular License Agreement for Icons
v2.2, last changed in April 2014
Regular License Agreement for Webfonts
v2.2, last changed in April 2014

In short, the Regular license covers:

  • Using the icons in commercial and personal projects (no mather if online or offline);
  • Allowing you modify the icons and change size, color, orientation and even shape and make alterations (but this does not allow you to sell or license them);
  • Using the icons for yourself or on behalf of your client;
  • Fair use of icons (You cannot use the icons in a way that competes with us.)

In short, the Regular license covers:

  • A maximum of 3 users in your organization can use it
  • No more than 100 icons per a single project/website/application
  • No more than 20 icons per a commercial work that is for sale (templates & themes)
  • No re-selling, re-distributing, renting or transferring to others is allowed!
  • If you need to remove these limitations, you can buy one of our Extended licenses.

Extended Licenses

1. Extended Multi-user License for Companies

Our icon sets come with a non-transferable, non-exclusive and single-user license. However, if the licensee is a company, up to three employees are allowed to use the icons (no contract workers or consultants).

To remove the 3 users limitation in your organization:

  • Buy a 4 to 10 Users License - 2x regular license
  • Buy a 11 to 20 Users License - 5x regular license
  • Buy a 21 to 50 Users License - 8x regular license
  • Buy a 51 to 100 Users License - 10x regular license
  • More users quoted individually - please contact us.

2. Extended License for Templates & Themes for resell

Our icon sets are royalty-free, which means you can use them on your personal and commercial projects. That includes commercial templates/themes for resell, too. But there is a limitation: you cannot add more than 20 different icons in a single template or theme, that is for sale. For all other works, there is a maximum of 100 different icons, that can be included in a single project.

To remove the 20 icons limitation for templates/themes:

  • To use up to 50 icons in templates - 10x regular license
  • To use up to 100 icons in templates - 25x regular license

You cannot purchase an unlimited usage license for commercial works like templates & themes.

Purchase extended licences

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