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Our best-selling icon collection, just got better.
Brand new icons, super slick, modern & elegant style.

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Picons Thin Example icons
Example icons: Picons Thin 2
Example: Icons used in mobile apps

Picons Thin is including 1700+ icons in 2 volumes:

Picons Thin 1 is including 1058 vector icons, organized in 32 categories:
Essentials, Files, Documents, GUI elements, Money, Finance, Shopping, Delivery, Transportation, Travel, Places, Movie & Video, Sound & Music, Communication & Messaging, Touch gestures, Text editing, Computers, Tech, Network, Servers, Security, Voting, Awards, Design, Drawing, Users, People, Environment, Ecology, Nature, Medicine, Health, Sports, Fitness, Food, Cooking, Home, Living, Family, Clothing, Leisure, Fun, Science and Space.

NEW: Picons Thin 2 is including 663 icons, organized in 30 categories:
Charts & Analytics, Business, Money & Finance 2, eCommerce, Delivery, Badges, Maps & Navigation 2, Movies 2, Media Controls, Essentials 2, Devices, Architecture & Construction, Print & Papers, School & Learning, Relationship, Pregnancy & Baby, Leisure & Fun 2, Winter Holidays, Food & Cooking 2, Home & Living 2, Wellness & Beauty, SEO & Marketing, Users & People 2, Communication & Messaging 2, Hierarchy, Files & Documents 2, Network & Sharing 2, GUI elements 2, Office, Law Enforcement, and Touch Gestures 2.

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Customizable in seconds

Make the stroke thinner, thicker or even dashed. Change the size, shape, color and orientation in just seconds. Fully customizable.

Picons Thin - Example Animation

Pixel perfect & Retina ready

All icons are optimized for both iOS and Android and are Retina ready. All the files you will need are included.

Picons Thin - Pixel Perfect icons

Available as single volumes,
but you save 25% when taking all

Picons Thin 1

Picons Thin 1

1058 icons

Buy now $65.-
Picons Thin 2

Picons Thin 2

663 icons

Buy now $35.-

What's included in the collection?

  • .AI, .EPS, .PDF vector files
  • .PSD Adobe Photoshop file with icons as vector Smart Objects
  • .CSH Custom Shape file for Adobe Photoshop's shape toolbar (FAQ)
  • .Sketch file
  • .PNG's: 24px, 48px, 72px, 96px, 120px, 144px
  • .SVG files for using on websites or making your custom web font
  • .EMF Windows Enhanced Metafiles for Microsoft Office (Using icons in Powerpoint presentations)
  • .iconjar Searchable Iconjar archive
  • Up to 3 users Regular license with commercial use allowed royalty-free (License agreement)

Regular: $100.- - 25% discount

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