Picons turned 8

8 years ago…

In Aug 2010, I released my first icon set called Morphix Pictograms. It started as an experiment containing my personal collection of 140 vector icons, I have used for designing websites and apps. There was no big icon market back then and probably just few designers focusing on icons, but I believed there must be a lot of designers with the need for a consistent icon set they could use in their projects. I tried to spread the word and found few enthusiasts that liked the icons. One of them was Veerle Pieters, who bought and mentioned them in her RSS feed.

Veerle’s mention has skyrocket the awareness and gave me the necessary push to invest more time into icons. I practiced a lot and added more and more icons to the collection. The first Picons Basic collection was born under the new brand Picons.me.

In 2013, Apple’s iOS 7 design revolution has instantly triggered a surge for outlined icons. The first Picons Thin collection with 500 icons became a great hit in the design community. The collection has been extended twice since then, and is now containing 1700+ outlined icons.

It is very flattering when prominent design teams around the world start using your icons, but I’m especially thankful for all the freelance designers and one-man-band developers that have bought and used Picons since then. Thank you!

Picons is still there, with a clear goal to become the gold standard for every designers & developers toolkit. Last year we released Picons BasiColor and few months ago a Picons Thin update with 660 new icons. There is a new icon set in the works – a complete redesign of the Basic collection.

Thank you for your support and stay tuned for new icons!

– Gasper