New icons for the ‘Picons Thin’ icon collection

Although very slow progress on the new icons, Picons is still alive with some fresh icons.

I’m working on two new sets: 1/ the third edition of Picons Thin with additional icons and 2/ a new and completely redesigned Picons Basic icon set. It’s been 11 years (!) since I created my first icons and I’ve learned a lot in the past years. I guess it’s time to finally make a new comprehensive set (new metaphors and consistent icon grid).

But, let’s talk about the next release of Picons Thin first. Picons Thin is a well known and popular icon set, using just consistent thin lines (1 pixel on a 24-pixel grid). This outlined icon style was introduced in 2013, right after Apple showed off the new iOS 7 together with some fresh icons that were thin and just outlined. The new style took over ridiculously fast and found its way into all popular desktop apps and websites.

Until the new Thin edition is completed, you can already see and use some new icons. For now they are only available via Iconfinder.

GDPR Data Privacy Icons

GDPR Data Privacy

11 icons – Download

This icon set covers the following symbols & metaphors: GDPR, law, rules, privacy, data storage, personal data, secure data, privacy agreement, consent, law agreements.

Smart Home Automation icons

Smart Home Automation (40 icons)

40 icons – Download

This icon set covers the following symbols & metaphors: lights, ceiling lights, lightbulb, front door, garage door, window covering, keypad, fingerprint, door lock, security system, heating, cooling, climate, air conditioning, fan, ventilation, solar power, volume, temperature, speakers, video cameras, technician, leaving/coming home, sprinkler, watering socket.

Electronic parts icons

Electronic parts & Components

15 icons – Download

This icon set covers the following symbols & metaphors: Arduino, MCU, board, speaker, lab, measurement, wave, robot, diode, development, flashing, esp, chip, microchip, power, button, module, dinamo, motor, oscilloscope, sensor, battery, wi-fi, RFID antenna.

Animals, Farming, Cattle icons

Animals, Farming, Cattle

15 icons – Download

This icon set covers the following symbols & metaphors: horse, cow, cattle, sheep, goat, dog, cat, farmer, tractor, DNA genetics, cattle auction, animal transport, butcher.

Coronavirus pandemic icons

Coronavirus pandemic

20 icons – Download

This icon set covers the following symbols & metaphors: coronavirus, virus, avoid handshakes, avoid gatherings, face mask (male, female), sanitizer, disinfection, hand disposer, clean hands, washing hands, vaccine, test, lab results (positive, negative), keep distance (1 m), fever, high temperature, cough, temperature test.

Soon: Picons Thin 2 extension with 660+ brand new icons

It’s been more than 3 years, since we released the first Picons Thin icon set. The characteristics of the icons were simple – a coherent outline icon set, build on a 24-pixel grid and fully compatible with Apple’s new icon design guidelines for iOS.

Obviously the icons weren’t only useful for iOS. The new icon trend took over and outline icons became a standard in UI design for the past years. Not surprisingly, Picons Thin has been our best-selling icon set, especially after the immense update in 2015, when we redesigned the complete set and extended it with 500+ new icons.

Now it’s time to announce Picons Thin 2.

For the past 2 years, we have been working hard on a major extension to Picons Thin. We are very lucky to have a great community of designers giving us a lot of feedback and request for new icons. We were listening to your suggestions and made 660+ new icons, sorted into 30 categories.

The themes we cover are: Charts & Analytics, Business, Money & Finance 2, eCommerce, Delivery, Badges, Maps & Navigation 2, Movies 2, Media Controls, Essentials 2, Devices, Architecture & Construction, Print & Papers, School & Learning, Relationship, Pregnancy & Baby, Leisure & Fun 2, Winter Holidays, Food & Cooking 2, Home & Living 2, Wellness & Beauty, SEO & Marketing, Users & People 2, Communication & Messaging 2, Hierarchy, Files & Documents 2, Network & Sharing 2, GUI elements 2, Office, Law Enforcement, and Touch Gestures 2.

Here is a sneak & peek of just few icons:

Considering the immense amount of work put into the extension, we’re delivering it as a new stand-alone icon set – part 2. As always, buyers of Picons Thin will get a very special upgrade option for a significantly reduced price.

Right now, we’re making the “last mile” and preparing all the exports. The icon set will come with all the usual vector source files (AI, EPS and PDF), a Sketch file, a Photoshop file (PSD) with icons as Custom Shapes, a special CSH file for importing icons into your Custom Shape toolbar, and each icon as transparent a PNG (available in 6 different sizes: 24, 48, 72, 96, 120 and 144 pixels). We are also including an Iconjar archive, SVG files so you can create your own individual icon font, and EMF files to be used in Microsoft Office.

If you are already a customer of Picons (any icon set) you will be automatically notified by email on the release day. For others, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter.

Stay tuned!